What are the needs of a Dyslexic learner?

What are the needs of a Dyslexic learner?


Each Dyslexic is an individual and needs to be taught in the way he learns.


Dyslexia is a neurological-based learning disorder however, the treatment is educational.


Dyslexics need to be taught using a highly structured and multisensory approach using all of his three senses : visual, auditory and kinesthetic; engaging more areas of the brain simultaneously and thus enhancing the learning process.



What is taught at the MSL Centre?


The centre uses the Orton-Gillingham Approach to treat dyslexia.


All our clients will be taught explicitly :

  • Sound-symbol correspondence
  • Reading and spelling rules
  • Syllabication patterns
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Punctuation, grammar and vocabulary
  • Writing skills including sentence structure and handwriting where needed


Our philosophy, in Gillingham’s words, is to teach to the intellect, as fast as possible but as slowly as necessary for useful and stable learning.


With appropriate education, dyslexia need only be a temporary impediment.


While early intervention is highly desirable, it is never too late to learn. Successful results have followed intervention at any age, even in adults.

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