“After joining MSL, Melis started reading and her willingness to write improved as well. Kimberly worked very hard for Melis. Initially, Melis had so many crying sessions and was not wiling to do work in the class. Kimberly managed to have a good connection with Melis and build a strong relationship with her.”

Eda Kaypak, mother of Melis (6 years old)



“The lessons I have been through helped me to break words down to parts, making it easier for me to spell and read words. The fluency of my reading improved after these lessons and I’m able to spell words that I didn’t even know existed. They taught me the spelling rules of the English Language which helped me spell better. Here I’m exposed to the world of English and that helps me in my communication with others in the future. ”

Isaac Beam Toh – 16 years old



“D has improved significantly over the last 18 months since he joined MSL. Areas of noticeable improvement are :
1. reading
2. spelling
3. Confidence in tackling comprehension (in the past he left it blank)


The learning process that MSL has put in place is specific, sequential and multisensory. This allows both my son and myself to understand and follow through the learning plan set for him.


Kim kick started the first 8 lessons with D correcting the confusion from the previous methodology he acquired. Jacq has since then taken over. She is very patient, very consistent and truly cares for D.


MSL trains their therapists well and focus on the well-being of the kids. They are honest in providing feedback and is very familiar with our education system here (both local and international schools).


Admin support has been excellent! The admins are very aware of the stress and constraints parents are having to send kids n time. They care about the kids having enough drinks and ensuring the safety before releasing them out of the centre. Thanks to them!”

Mrs Alan Koh, mother of D (8 years old)



“Meredith started at MSL in late November 2015. In February 2016, her school English teacher contacted us to inform us that she has seen a visible improvement in her confidence level when it comes to reading and tackling her sight words. We also noticed that her ability to learn her weekly spelling also improved asshe took less time to read, learn and spell the words. She also uses the techniques that she learns at her twice weekly lesson when she encounters a word or a sound she is unfamiliar with.


Huei Huei takes a deep interest in the well being of Meredith, even as she teaches her. Her patience in seeing through the lessons are further reinforced with feedback that she gives. She is also encouraging and very observant of the child’s comfort level and character. Meredith says her main reason for being at MSL is due to Huei Huei.”

Daphne Tan, mother of Meredith (7 years old)



“We have seen a significant improvement in our son’s reading skills. We are very happy with the methodology used by MSL. He can easily use the technique learned here when he is reading.


Kai Ling has been with our son a short time, but he has enjoyed a lot of his classes with her. He is much happier now than before.”

Flavia Bucey, mother of Felipe (7 years old)



“After 1 year of my son attending MSL as well as additional support from his current school, his literacy improved from 78% to 90%.


Mathew applies a very positive approach when using OG and my son enjoys the OG lessons with him.”

Andrea Nagis, mother of Karel (8 yers old)



“For many years, Drusilla doesn’t express herself during our ride home after her therapy or any enrichment classes. I was very surprised and impressed that Drusilla started to share with me her time spent at MSL. She tried to speak using full sentences instead of words to express herself. I truly see the result just within a few lessons she attended at MSL. I believe the method and the care, as well as the one-on-one guidance help Drusilla to attain the smile she carries after each lesson. I thank both Kai Ling, Nancy & Kimberly for the support & encouragement rendered.”

Sim, mother of Drusilla





“It would help with my student/clients with literacy issues; it gives them a more structured approach.”




“As a parent whose child is marginally dyslexic, I am aware of what she does in her lessons with her therapist. I can help to firstly understand, reinforce and everafter help her when the need arises at home. This course has also given me helpful strategies to assist her in her spelling as some of the strategies in end of approach are useful for us.”

Lee Phne Daphne (Daphne Lee)



“It is an eye opening for me.”

Rebecca Ong



“Learning the scope and sequence of instruction interact to the program has left me the feeling better prepared to determine the beginning point and of course of learning support intervention for students.”

Robyn Rogers



“This course has given me so many practical steps material to help my child. It is enhanced my confidence in knowing that I’m using a tried and tested method. The trainer, Mr Ron, is awesome! Really appreciate his dedication and care to equip us.”

Inez Wong



“It has opened up new areas for me to work in.”

Finn McGavin



“It has taught me clearly & I learned more than just the course but also the passionate in educating the special kids.”

Ambrose Lim



“Well organized with systems, prepared teaching materials and generous showing of teaching method. These help me to be able to start teaching my dyslexic child immediately after the training.”

Velda Ooi



“It has equipped me with knowledge, skills and all the organized material that is excellent and ready to be impacted. Builds more confidence in teaching and right corrective method.”

Smitha Paul

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